Jenna SemenoffJENNA


Armed with a degree in digital media, I’ve been creating websites, designing campaigns and offering marketing solutions since the era of dial-up. Almost. (I’m not quite as old as Vince.) Nothing makes me happier than brainstorming campaign ideas and then crafting the graphics and applying them all to a digital platform complete with enough coding to make them unique. Kind of like my favourite sandwich, the KimCheese. It’s a typical grilled cheese but with kimchi added to make it one of the best culinary experiences ever!


Vince HempsallVINCE


My favourite sandwich is the Monte Cristo: ham and cheese between two pieces of French Toast. It’s like breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one! And my favourite type of work is creating campaign content, whether it’s fashioning engaging social media posts, producing exciting videos or writing search engine optimized copy for blogs, ads and website pages. I have a degree in Journalism and have spent decades crafting stories that entertain, inform and engage. And since 2000 I’ve applied this expertise to marketing solutions, creating content that goes beyond selling and encourages communication.