The Andean Alliance For Sustainable Development

The Andean Alliance For Sustainable Development
February 18, 2017

Client Need

The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, an NGO based in Peru, required a modern web presence in order to bring attention to its work. It also wanted to attract students and faculty to its programs in the country so they can undergo experiential learning of community development while focusing on sustainability.


The project was two-fold: reimagine the AASD’s online presence and bring awareness to the organization through the creation of a film project. A new WordPress website was built that revamped the NGO’s image, making it more modern and appealing. Social media channels were then tied to the site and featured the beautiful surroundings in Peru as well as the team members. A kickstarter campaign was then created to help fund the “Opening The Earth” movie project and subsequent branding, press releases and social promotions were developed and sent out to bring awareness to both the film and the AASD.


The organization’s updated website has helped them establish credibility with universities across the United States of America. Awareness has grown, volunteer numbers have increased and the website enjoys double the amount of traffic it did before the upgrade. As for the “Opening The Earth” movie kickstarter campaign, it raised 20% more than its intended goal and is currently being filmed and edited.

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