Mountain Trek Email Marketing

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa
December 05, 2016

Client Need

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa was looking to increase guest registration through increased discourse and client interaction. However, the owners wanted the tone of the messaging to be less sales-orientated and more informative and content driven. Also, the client was very conscious of not wanting the timing of the messages to be perceived as spam-like. The challenge was to give potential guests, who have very limited time outside of their working lives, the content they were looking for while encouraging them to delve further into the website, consider a stay at Mountain Trek and, ultimately, book.


We had already implemented a monthly newsletter for Mountain Trek with successful results and so we utilized that client list to create an email series campaign, which provided easy-to-do health solutions with a soft-sell approach. Five emails in total were created and the automation has them being sent out every few days to those who sign up for the company’s newsletter. Email subject headings include such enticing phrases as “Enjoy a 1-minute breakfast today” and the enclosed content provided solutions as well as material that encouraged readers to log on to the company’s website. There they received more information about the topics mentioned in the email as well as enticements to further learn about the topics while enrolled in the Mountain Trek program. A secondary part of this campaign was enticing individuals to sign up to the newsletter using messaging via social media channels and the company’s website.


Open rates are as high as 50% and click-through rates as high as 32.7%. This is an outstanding achievement for an industry that normally enjoys click-through rates of approximately 10%.

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