Mountain Trek’s Travel+Leisure Award

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa
July 25, 2016

Client Need

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa is one of the only resorts of its kind in Canada but has a growing number of competitors in the United States. The company learned it had been short-listed for Travel+Leisure’s World’s Best Awards and wanted to drive traffic to the voting site so as to place high in the rankings of the publication’s winners and garner more attention within the North American market through both the voting process and the outcome. There were specific challenges regarding the voting process, however, as nominees could not use certain language encouraging people to just vote for them. The voting process was also somewhat cumbersome and the targeted user group are notoriously pressed for time.


We began by creating a blog post that not only mentioned Mountain Trek’s nomination but also explained, using step-by-step instructions, how the voting process worked. The language stayed away from specifically asking people to vote for a specific company but in the guidelines an example was used that explained to the reader how to vote – and the example happened to be Mountain Trek. From there a comprehensive campaign was rolled out via social media channels and newsletters encouraging followers and subscribers to vote daily for Mountain Trek and in each instance the user was encouraged to click through to the post containing instructions. The campaign lasted the three months leading up to the voting deadline.


This campaign was wildly successful and culminated with Mountain Trek being named #1 International Destination Spa by Travel+Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. For a small retreat in British Columbia, this was a huge win because Mountain Trek beat out much larger and more established resorts around the world.

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