September 28, 2016

Client Need

The mountain biking scene in Vermont has always been a vibrant one. Since the birth of the sport in the late 1980s, people have been riding all over the State – cutting trails, building stunts but generally keeping a low, rogue profile. That changed as liability issues came to the fore and riders had to create associations to help organize legitimate mountain biking areas. There was never one online source for all things mountain bike culture in Vermont, though. So MTBVT was born.


First, we registered and created social media channels for it. Next we mapped all the legal biking areas in the state and created blog posts that showcased each area as well as the bike shops, bike-friendly breweries and regional associations responsible for mountain bike trail maintenance and creation. Following that, mountain biking events were organized in partnership with other businesses and eventually a retail side of the business that showcased the MTBVT logo was started.


MTBVT is now the hub for all things mountain biking in the green mountains. It hosts four events throughout the year that attract visitors from New York, Massachusetts, Quebec, Ontario and New Hampshire. The website receives tens of thousands of views a month and the retail division is growing. Industry-leading publications such as Pink Bike and Dirt Rag have all showcased MTBVT and its growth from a grassroots effort to a mountain biking media house.

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