Nelson Whitewater Rafting

Nelson Whitewater Rafting
June 15, 2015

Client Need

The owner of Nelson Whitewater Rafting Company was looking to revamp his HTML website. He wanted to modernize it, make it easier to navigate and, ultimately simplify the booking process for his tours. At the same time, his business had expanded to include paddleboard and kayak rentals as well as management of the Prestige Marina and he wanted to portray the synergies between the companies while maintaining their uniqueness.


Three separate WordPress websites were created for the three businesses but each had a similar design and all were interconnected. The updated sites were mobile friendly and featured a modern look that appealed to both adventure seekers and families. They also allowed easier management of the website’s content and to ensure quality results, blog post and social media training was given. The rafting site also offered seamless integration with the company’s booking system.


This is a quote from the owner: “We are getting tons of web traffic and tons of bookings. It’s been really busy. Thank you for your great work! It has made a big difference.”

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