Pedego to Indio Campaign

Pedego Canada
August 30, 2016

Client Need

Pedego Canada was told of a middle-aged Canadian man who was planning to ride his Pedego electric cargo bike from Nelson, British Columbia to Indio, California to attend a rock concert. The company saw this as an opportunity to support his journey and promote the brand. An extensive campaign was required that showcased the rider’s journey on a daily basis over the course of six weeks.


We began by organizing professional photos of the adventurer and his bike. We then helped set up distance-tracking and mapping software for him and connected him to Pedego Canada’s social media channels as well as trained him on photo taking, posting and answering media questions. A press release was created informing the media of his plans and impending departure and it was immediately picked up by the CBC and other news outlets. A unique “Pedego to Indio” logo and landing page were created and daily updates were posted of his progress. Each week a blog post was written and published with supporting photos of the journey and four press releases were created over the course of the campaign. Various media sources picked up the story throughout his journey and a welcome party was organized for his arrival in Indio.


Media coverage of the “Pedego to Indio” campaign garnered 79.8 million impressions in Canada and the United States. News outlets from The New York Times to the BBC picked up the story and showcased the adventurer and his Pedego electric bike. The campaign’s unique page became the top landing page for visitors to the Pedego Canada website and traffic spiked 28.6% during the time period.

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