West Kootenay Rock Guide

West Kootenay Rock Climbing Guidebook
January 01, 2019

Client Need

Rock climbing has existed in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia for half a century but in 2008 an updated guidebook for the sport didn’t exist. In fact, information hadn’t been published for over 15 years. Interest in rock climbing had waned and tourists and locals had difficulty finding any accurate information about the routes in the region. It was time to refresh people’s enthusiasm and so the West Kootenay Rock Guide project began.


Firstly we spoke to the pioneers who had put up new rock climbing routes in the West Kootenay region to compile the raw information about where the cliffs were located and what routes existed on each. Once that was completed, we began the practical research of visiting each area and climbing most of the routes, then describing, photographing and organizing them. A historical timeline was created, topos and maps were drawn, advertisements sold, printers’ bids collected, distribution deals determined and all the material was then laid out.


The result is the first of its kind: the full-colour, perfect bound, 160-page West Kootenay Rock Guide that features 22 areas and over 400 routes in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. It is sold in national chains, such as Mountain Equipment Co-op in Canada and R.E.I. in the United States as well as in a dozen local stores. A review in Gripped magazine said of the book, the “West Kootenay Rock Guide is one of the tightest, most elegant climbing guides in Canada.”

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